Patrick Dailey

Patrick Dailey


Patrick is the School Ministry Director at Calvary by The Sea Montessori School.  He is married to his wife, Amber Dailey, and has five wonderful children together: Aaron, Hunter, Garrett, Auriella, and Amelia. He loves working with teachers and students to help provide a quality education, professional, fun and collaborative work culture and environment.  

Patrick lives by the concept that “in everything you do, you do in excellence for the glory of God by loving God and others.” Patrick loves learning, playing music, trying new food, meeting people, and traveling with his family.

Patrick J. Dailey, born November 30, 1990, in San Bernardino, California, is a man of many talents: entrepreneur, author, content creator, and musician. Patrick graduated in 2016 from Hope International University in Fullerton, California, received his Bachelor’s of Business and Management (Marketing concentration), minor in Biblical Studies. Always having the spirit for entrepreneurship and networking, his skills were recognized by Kevin Roots, founder of Enigma Cars USA, while working on the Healy Enigma sports car. This allowed for him to build a Foundational experience in business and marketing alike. He was also mentored by Dennis Curley, co-founder of Pet$ense, helping him follow his passion, and grow with his given skills. Tapping into more of his creative abilities, he learned how to play guitar from Todd Griffin, lead singer from Graveyard Train, playing guitar and singing along with making faith-based tracks to inspire a generation.

Patrick is working on his fourth book, A Man of God: A consideration of the work of Annie Payson Call, with hopes to lead and inspire people to love, learn and lead. He is inspired by natural beauty of the Island of Oahu (Hawaii), Southern California beaches and mountains, books like The Lord of the Rings, the film Star Wars, and spending quality time with his wife and children. When he is not busy building , he’s with his family and serving at his local church. Soon, he plans to be more present with his family while creating a healthy work/life balance conducive to a more sustainable lifestyle. He wants to continue writing and help others reach their full potential.